Biscuits: A Hockey Podcast

Biscuits, a podcast on VICE Sports, takes an analytical, irreverent, and humorous look at the world of hockey and the NHL. Listen as hosts Sean McIndoe (of Down Goes Brown fame) and Dave Lozo react to the week's biggest stories and most absurd news.
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Biscuits: A Hockey Podcast


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Mar 31, 2017

Special guest Jesse Spector stops by to talk about his history of John Tortorella fights, how baseball would handle expansion compared to hockey, and who is getting the final playoff spots in the East.

Mar 24, 2017

Dave and Sean try (and fail) to fix the Kings, complain about the Olympics, and wrestle with the Maple Leafs actually making the playoffs.

Mar 17, 2017
Dave and Sean debate Steve Yzerman's trade deadline, break down what went wrong with the Kings, try to call the close Eastern playoff race, and get excited about a playoff system that does not exist.
Mar 10, 2017
Sean is very mad about the NHL not wanting to reveal the expansion draft lists, and how general managers cover their asses, and how nothing happens at the GM meetings. Dave is just glad that Sean isn't mad at him. (Editor's note: Sean may be mad at Dave too.)
Mar 3, 2017
Dave and Sean review and rate the trade deadline for every NHL team and wonder why Shane Doan waited until last call to finally make his move out of Arizona.